How can we take advantage of opportunities to the maximum

For those of you that have a website or blog, you have the opportunity to make money from your blog or your website. There are myriad online programs that can give you the money. One of them is adsense. Adsense is a great money generator program. Adsense that you can follow is google adsense, chitika, commission junction, and so on.

Other program that no less popular is affiliate program, for example amazon associate. Some other program is a referral program. Or known by the system that you are selling other's products and you will get an incentive from product sold that you do.

The question is how we can take advantage of these opportunities to the maximum. How can we get money from the internet in accordance with what we expect? Those questions I deliberately pointed out as many of us have not been able to enjoy the benefit. We may already have adsense but haven't gotten revenue according to our expectations, or haven't even got any money at all from adsense although we already have an adsense for quite a while. Or for those of you who are already into affiliate or  referral program, has not been able to sell product you have to offer, so you haven't got the money.

The answers of those questions above can be very diverse and different for each person. Below are a few things that may be a consideration for choosing what strategy will be applied.

Low traffict
Our Site  have a very slight amount of visitors. What should we do? The answer is to do SEO, do all promotion method, advertise, make the content interesting, and make a site look interesting.

Many visitors but few click on adsense.
It is often happens for many sites. things we have to think is: (1) whether the layout and format of the adsense already ordered?; (2) IS the target market in compliance?

The product is difficult to sell.
Choose a product that is preferred by the market. Make a good review and promotion to persuade people to buy.

After you read this article, I hope you got something that you can use to set a strategy that you will apply. Some of you may not agree with this article. Some of you may want to add something I have missed. I would be honored if you're willing to share your opinion. You can share via comments or through the writings of others.


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