SEO Basic – Drive Traffic by Submit Site to Search Engines

We have a good site, but how about traffic?
Our Blog visitor’s source may from a web directory, search engine, links/links from other websites and direct visits to the address/url of the site. To crawled and indexed by Google, our sites should be able to be found by a Google’s boot system which will search our blog or our site showing in Google search results.

Here are some of the ways that our web site is acquaintance with Google bots, yahoo, and others:

Submit our url, sites web or weblog to:

Fine promoting

  • place a signature of our email there is a link to our blog or website (beware of our public email spam)
  • Place a signature on a blog or forum comment although no-follow
  • advertise in free online advertising
  • submit our blog to directory on the web of local and international
  • Wear clothes or the attribute is written the address of our site is
  • In case we acquaintance others on the internet don't forget to promote our blog.
  • Place a link to our blog on the friendster, facebook, hi5, my space, and others.
Diligently spreading the  active site link on the internet and discover our forums or blogs that allow us to post a link on our web site, follow the commenting ... such as response or reply thread in the community forums by attaching a link in our signature. This way quite potent to attract visitors and many search engines bot.
Try to raise the page rank of your site by doing link exchange, sign up to the blog directory, etc.

  • To remember and note that the process of starting from a crawl to index could take a minute or longer as system of Google policy. It could be in hours, days, weeks, months, years, and so on. So please be patient and do not easily discourage. Do not rely just on search engine, but use other promotion methods.
  • If you create a post do not just copy and paste from another website because Google can detect that kind of copyright crimes. Make your own blog posts.
  • An article or writing a good blog is not always able to provoke people or visitors to make comments. Because, a comment is not something deserves to be proud of. You must focus just on the number of visitors rather than the number of comments.


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