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SEO Basic – Drive Traffic by Submit Site to Search Engines

We have a good site, but how about traffic? Our Blog visitor’s source may from a web directory, search engine, links/links from other websites and direct visits to the address/url of the site. To crawled and indexed by Google, our sites should be able to be found by a Google’s boot system which will search our blog or our site showing in Google search results.

What is pillar article? An article can be powerful traffic maker?

Have you ever heard the term a pillar article? Articles in this category are like sugar which is always accessible by ants. Visited by hundreds (or thousands) people a day.  I am not going to discuss how to make the article pillar. One which I believe is, historically a pillar article is too long because there should not be boring readers, indeed subjective because I myself do not like reading long articles.

Work from Home - Start a Home Based Business

Reinforcing belief in yourself can be reflected by investing in your home based business.There are so many people today turning their business into home based business due to the economic climate we are all in. They make it to be a part time business and a full time business. However, it can be difficult working out what you will want to do.