What is Adsense?

Adsense, it is proprietary business called Google. You certainly already know Google isn't it? Google is a world class company which was very rich.
Well,  google used to be famous as a website where people are looking for something on the internet. Almost all of the information in this world can be found on Google. Since people already know a lot of
people are looking for something there, then more and more people are adding their information into Google with the hope to be found by people looking for. So Google it is the website where the search is looking for.
Google is getting more popular, more and more people want to submit information there then Google become an advertising website. Advertising could remain free and awesome; it could be a special position to pay more often. More broadly, the advertising program we can refer to as marketing, in this case are marketing through the internet, and the cool term is internet marketing.

However, if the information is managed centrally in Google only, then it is still very limited and the means to find information that has been entered into Google should also to the Google website. It's still less luminous. The more people who hang up their advertising to Google and pay of course. That's what makes Google the more rich and immense, of their advertising program. At this level, Google is still working alone. Limited resources they have.
Google will no longer work alone. Google wants that although one does not visit Google, people still be able to receive information from other website. Finally Google making an ad network to the rest of the world use millions of other people sites to display information and customers ads.
From these paying customers Google get money, paying customers is referred to as an advertiser, these customers enter their ads to google through a program called Google Adwords. While the person who provides the most space on its website to display google ads is called publisher. Publisher is  getting paid from Google,of course, because the publisher help Google serve ads on their space.
To make it easy, we just call people who serve google ads is you. Advertiser is millions of others in this world. In order for google ads displayed on your site, then you need to register to Google to participate in the Google Adsense program. Later you will be able the adsense code to put on your site. This is not advertising Adsense Code, but rather the program code only.  Adsense Code is last will take the contents of the ads automatically to match the content of your site. Ads that are already taken (loaded) will then appear as ads on your site.
Millions of people put their ads through the Google Adwords program. Then on your Website that has adsense code installed. Every time Google ad that appeared on your site is clicked, then you get paid by Google. Who paid Google? Yes, by advertisers.


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