Managing Blog ElementsThat Will Increase Revenue from Adsense

For a beginner that is new to Adsense, may be irritating to know how to get more clicks. More clicks make you get more money. Unfortunately, some peoples still don’t know how to get more clicks. In order to get more money with adsense, here are some of adsense tips we can use.

About Keywords and content of your blog

Make a rich content to your blog and check the destination of keywords. You can use some keywords analyzer and find the right keywords for your content. Other thing you should do is improve keywords which is relevant.

Ad format and place of ads

There are many ad format you can use:
Available layout; text, display, and mobile.
  • 336x280 large rectangle
  • 300x250 medium rectangle 
  • 160x600 wide skyscraper 
  • 468x15 (text)
Example: 468x15 can be used under your post title or header.
               Small or medium display ad can be placed inside your post.

Good luck for getting money with using adsense.


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