Make money with using blog: Getting Traffic with Search Engine Optimization #1

Making money with blog also means that we must optimize our blog in order to get more visitors. Maybe in other word “We have a blog, but we are struggling with getting the traffic”. Getting traffic is something that you should focus on. That is why we need SEO tip.

Search engine optimization means seeking that our blog was ranked top or appear in the first page of search results. If our blog appeared on the top or on the first page of search results, then it is likely our blogs get traffic would be greater. A growing number of visitors who visit our blog effect the rank of our blogs will rise.

How can we make our blog appeared on the first page of the search engines? Here are some tips that we can use:

Select the right keywords

If we create articles, choose keywords that are popular. Choose popular keywords that are frequently used when visitors want to find content  related to the content of our blog. To analyze the keyword could be using Google's keyword tools.
 The Keyword should be used in the title and content of the article.   

 Register your blog on search engines. 
Register your blog on search engines intended to  our blog can be indexed by search engines. For example:
 Register your blog in the directory
-          and others 

This Tip is about post and submit blog. There are still many ways out there that can be used to get traffic. Hopefully this article can help you get traffic.

Good luck with using blogs to get the money.


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