Make money with blog: Getting Traffics with Search Engine Optimization #2

Getting traffic is a spirit of getting money with using blog. If you use paid advertising to your blog, it could work - you need to spend money to make money. In this case, you should know that you need to make sure that it converts well. However, without using paid advertising will be work too. 
There are some other ways to get free traffic to our blog. Let’s get started.

1.        Commenting

Visit someone’s blog – new blogger preferred. You should leave comment to the blog hopping that owner will read your comment and view your blog back. Better commenting in the field which has less of comment to get more opportunity your comment will be read.

Be careful: Don’t commenting in too much blog with different language setting. Too much third source link which is not search engine friendly is not good for your blog.

2.        Posting

Make daily posting will be useful to raise your blog rank. Make one or two post a day. Search engine will like to index your post. However, watch your niche.

Good luck with using blogs to get the money.


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